OK, well I had a superstrat wiring sysytem on my strat, but I found that the most usefull combo that I couldn't get with a regular 5 way switch was the neck/bridge telel style combo. So I decided to go back to my origianl 5 way, and add one of my on/off/on dpdt switches as a "neck on" switch like in this diagram, and I switched the mid tone pot to the bridge.


It works, but I think I messed something up. All three single coils work fine on their own, but when I go for any combination: neck/mid, mid/bridge, neck/bridge... they all sound out of phase or something.... the voume drops and the signal gets all treble-ee, and there's no hum conceling at all.... infact there's seems to be more humming and noise in the hum canceling positions. Also, when I touch parts like the jack, metal of switch, and various other metal parts the noise/hum drops, but not alot. I went over the wires a bunch of times, and it all seems fine.

I don't have the same 5 way switch as in the diagram of the link above.... I have one that's all in-line and not 4 lugs on each side. but I followed that diagram anyways because I can't find one on the web with my switch style.

here's a rough paint scheme to show you how I wired it.

All the ground wires, and pots are wired the same way as a stock strat, and I only moved the mid tone pot to the bridge pup.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help.

EDIT: Oh yeah the switch has two extra lugs on each side that's part of the metal frame of the switch.... not like the other lugs.... it's like this:

The one that has a red dot had a wire connected to it before... but I changed everything so long ago I can't remember what it was.... possibly a ground wire, but I'm not 100% sure.

here's the same style switch I have.

Hai UG!
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