My uncle sent me a Jackson Dk2 Dinky for my birthday. I know this may sound stupid, but as I was tuning it, the high E broke and I'm having trouble finding where to put in the new strings.

I also need to know what strings Jacksons use, I'm used to playing a Fender Strat :$
any strings will work with any guitar, what kind of music do you play?
EDIT: as for where to put in new strings, i believe you just put the strings through the holes in the backside of the body. im not familiar with this model tho so i could be wrong
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Not exactly. This model uses like a cube end string, I can't fit my steel bullet strings into this one. I don't know what the strings models are called.

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Sounds like a Floyd?
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i just answered you in the EG forum. one post per question, please.
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