You now that Lips of an Angel song by Hinder? Yeah, I hate it too.....but, it's a cover of a country song????

I'm sitting here, the radio is on the country station, and it comes on, except, it's not the horrible version that we all know from the last half year or so. No, it is a not-quite-as-bad-but-still-kinda-uncool, version.....country style!

I just thought it strange.....who did the original (I'm assuming) country version?

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i believe the country one came after
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does the original singer wave his arm around like a retard aswell?
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lol the pool thing is funny
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Jack Ingram did a cover of Hinder's. It's the most requested song on the country stations in my town. It makes me want to stab things whenever I hear it...
Why would you COVER a HINDER song?!?!?!?!

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My mom came home the other day and told me that and I laughed my ass off. Bands like Hinder are ruining music.

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