if you use photobucket/imageshack etc etc to host your image copy the HTML code you get from uploading it into the comment
<img src = "url here">

EDIT: type that in the comment and replace url here with the url of the image
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i dont think so.

its not hard though, just upload it on imageshack.us and you get all sorts of codes (BBCode for forums like these for example i think) the code you will want is HTML code.
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is there any way to do it without using an image hosting site?

you need a URL for an image so the image has to be on the net somewhere, if its one of your own then you need to upload it somewhere, photobucket etc. or myspace itself.
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I'm pretty sure you could just upload the picture to MySpace and use that instead of the image hosting site.

I've never tried that but it sounds like it might work.

imageshack.us is free though so you might as well use it.

NOTE: Under no circumstances should you make the mistake of typing imageshack.COM or you will regret it. Trust me on this one.

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right click, click properties, copy and paste location(URL)

insert that into your image tags

(Invalid img)(Invalid img)(Invalid img)(Invalid img)
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www.imageshack.us for hosting pics ... it's a winner. After it's uploaded there's like 8 different codes they let you copy and paste. Copy the very last one ... "Direct link to image".

Then, as said before, do:
<img src="PASTE URL HERE" />