i'm going to make pedal, and i've come across the one i'm going to attempt.


Problem is I cant find out how/where to get a Ta7136p IC. Is there another IC I can use instead? BTW i'm from the U.K, so RS electronics and Maplins seems the appropriote place to go right?

Thanks in advance.
you really should start with something simpler, that looks scary.
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don't search for that just search for a 7136 IC, Ta is the brand and p is the material

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Thanks for the info, I'll be able to make the pcb at school as they have the facilities. My dad and I know a fair bit on electronics and building so it shouldn't be much of a challenge. This will be my first pedal so if it goes well it may be worthwhile making some others. Has anyone made this board? Was it worth it? (I dont have a distortion pedal at home)