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I was going through all my old GP4 files when I upgraded to GP5 to listen to them again and I found this, unfinished, that I had forgotten about. I decided to finish and improve it and here you go:
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I love the chorus riff! Very good rock song. I'm not good at critting so meh....

All I can think of is that the into got a little repetitive(to me at least)

I did enjoy this song, but it wasnt completely to my taste. The first intro riff was good, but I didnt much like the lead bit, especially on bars 11-12, it just sounded like a mess to my ears. The verse riff is now growing on me, so thats a plus, and the chorus is excellent, the strongest bit in the song, but it ends really suddenly on bar 33. The breakdown needs some guitar over it, maybe get a guitar to follow the bass on 50-51. The solo is good, but at the minute doesnt really so much to improve the song, and has no real catchy bit in it, but it does lead back into the chorus well. I dont much like the outro, and it doesnt really lead into it very well. Overall I'm not a huge fan of this song, although with an improved breakdown and solo it would be much better.

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I liked it, there's foundations for a very good song there, I find the verse is very catchy as is the chorus. The only issue I see is the transition from one to another, separately they work well, but side by side they lose clarity. What I didn't really like was the solo, it felt very random and lacking melody and really just didn't go with the song for me. Overall though it's a good song with room for improvement.

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Perfect, that's really all I can say. I just loved EVERY bar of this song, you have amazing talent man... . It's really original, and that's something I haven't heard in many songs on this forum! I did like the first version better though, exept for the solo, which is cooler in the second version.
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