Here's a long song that incorporates a myriad of chords, riffs, special effects and ideas. It's over 6 minutes long, but if you make it to the middle section, you'll see some very interesting special effects. The effects add meaning and a lot of thought was given to them.

This song has some rough shifts, but just pretend you're in an expensive race car on the Bonneville Salt Flats going full throttle.

Anyway, enjoy this acoustic 12-string song!



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Sounds good reminds me of a led zepplin song can't tell you which one cause i don't listen to them. Very psychedelic, I like the way the phaser sweeps with the guitar at the end of the middle.

could you please crit my song? Your heart is our beatbox
as i posted previously, this is great song full of ideas. there are so many different parts that you can write like 3-4 proper song, plus who doesnt like a 12 string? (and i agree with crazymac, it reminds of a zeppelin song, maybe the rain song not sure)
That's a strange thing about this song. For some reason I can't play any Led Zeppelin songs, yet when I play songs like Corporate World on a 12-string, I am always told that I sound like Led Zeppelin. I must have somehow caught their style because if I try to find out which tune it sounds like, I'm always told that nobody knows.

crazymac, I listened to your fine song and left some comments. Good work!

classical_gas, yeah, it could be cut up into many songs, but the whole is more than the individual parts. I'm surprised I was able to jam so long without screwing up...a real marathon.