I am deciding on making my Squier P bass fretless after jazz band is over for the school year.

I have four questions.

1.) Do you fret your note on where the fret was or right beside it like on a fretted bass? I think on where the fret was is right but I'm only 90% sure.

2.) Does epoxy effect your tone at all? Even though I use flats I still want minimal damage on the fingerboard.

3.) Does epoxy feel really bad?

4.) How would I aply epoxy?
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1) Right on where the note was.

2) Epoxy affects the tone. It's hard to describe, but it give it a softer attack, with notes taking a bit longer to "bloom".

3) Epoxy feels terrible in my opinion.

4) No idea, I've never done it before. I'm sure someone here can help you, in the meantime I'll look for some sites.

If you're using flatwounds anyway, I wouldn't even bother with epoxy. The fretboard won't wear a considerable amount for years.
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I used a clear cloat with polyurathane(sp) in it. I just sanded my neck down (too much, but it was a learning process) filled in the gaps with wood filler, which came with a this substance you mix in the filler to make it harden faster and last longer. After that dried for the recommended time I used a very light sand paper just to get the surface a little rough for the coat to hold onto, but not to damage the finish, then sprayed several coats of poly over 3 days.

Idk how different a clear/poly coat and epoxy sound but I like the way my bass sounds now, it isn't half bad for a cheapo home-made fretless.

Yes on a fretless you fret where the frets would be on the neck (I don't think I could throw the word "fret" in there anymore if I tried)

I never played a bass with epoxy so I couldn't tell you how it feels, however I'm 97% sure Jaco's bass had epoxy on the neck.

To apply it, I'd do what I did up to the poly/clear coat stage. Once the frets are filled in and the filler has hardened and you've used a light grade sand paper you apply the epoxy. I would think you use a type of brush, maybe a paintbrush or a foam, I would assume a regular paintbrush. And, like paint, apply, thin, even coats unitl you have the appropriate amount. It should say on the can how long to wait to apply your new coats.
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