Hey, i'm gonna be modding my guitar to be as versatile as possible. So i've decided on getting the kent armstrong motherbucker for the bridge position. I can split it 5 different ways to get a double humbucker, single coil, humbucker out of phase, etc, etc, etc. Anyways, i was looking around for pickups to put in the neck slot and the mid slot.

So i was looking around the wd music store, and there are a ton of pickups there, and when i want a neck pickup, i want it to have some really sparkly cleans, but with a twist of a tone knob, be able to give that meaty, bassy tone. So i found the "Burns" pickups, which, aside from looking absolutely amazing, i really don't know anything about. I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with them, and can give me some idea of what they sound like?


They're called the "Burns tri-sonic pickup," and what would you guys suggest would make a good neck pickup?