Hi guys! what can you say about the marshall jh1 distortion pedal? i came across it on ebay today and wanted to know if it is any good? what kind of tones can you get from it?
Never tried it, but people i know have said it's decent. I have the EH-1 and it's a great pedal.
its terrible for distortion, utterly terrible

okay for OD sounds, but quite brittle but muddy at the same time

how much money do you have and dont get that!
I have a little over 100usd to spend on a pedal.some guy is selling a used jh1 for about $20.I am currently building up my effects again,used to have a boss ds-1,ce-2 and a mt-2.I dont plan to gig any time soon,gonna build my chops back first cause i stopped playing guitar for awhile now and i am looking for a cheap pedal/multi-effect pedal that i can practice with.do you have any idea how a zoom 707II sounds like?
ah its ok for a started pedal, i firstly would get rid of that mt-2 and save that money with the 100 bucks then find an me-50 (boss) 2nd hand on ebay if ya can!