Can anyone recommend me some fairly awesome bass driven jazz music?
weather report
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Check out Michael Manring's stuff.

Also Jeff Berlin. He has a new CD out called Aneurythms that is just great. Berlin is a premier jazz electric bass player, I especially like his use of unusual time signatures.
"The Puffy Taco" is an asome latin song that is pretty much bass featured.
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Stanley Clarke if you're into Fusion. For regular Jazz it doesn't get much better than Charles Mingus.
^Word to the Mingus. Ray Brown's solo stuff has some great bass lines and an awesome solo piece. Stanley Clarke is always great on upright or electric. Christian McBride's band has some really groovy stuff for more modern jazz. Also, Victor Wooten is very prominent yet more controlled in the Flecktones. (I'm not sure whether you want albums, songs or artists)
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ANYTHING by Charles Mingus. Then of course Ron Carter, and the million other things already mentioned.

Check out Banyan for something a little different... its more like jazz/rock.

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Mr. PC by John Coltrane. Very driven bassline. The Mr. PC in the title refers to Coltrane's bass player, Paul Chambers.
Another vote for anything Mingus, Parker, Brown, Carter, Chambers, or Clarke. And also Weather Report(Pastorius) and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones(Wooten).
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