I was wondering if this pedal is any good or not...

I recently bought an Epiphone Valve junior, and valve tone does indeed sound rather nice...but I still feel like I want the option of EQing to fully tweak my sound to my liking...

So I'm looking for an EQ pedal, but I'd like to spend as little as possible.

So is the Danelectro Fish & Chips a good buy?

can it be powered by a boss style adaptor?
I know some people who swear by Dan Electro pedals but I'm not one of them, I've owned more than one and I don't know if I abuse them too much but they break on me real easy.
Breaking isn't really a problem with me...I'll pretty much only be leaving it in my bedroom, so it won't get thrown around or anything like that....
It's definitely and good pedal and pretty useful too. It can really help you shape your tone, or you can use it as a boost. For $30 you really can't go wrong, though. Does the Epi have an FX loop? Putting it before the amp only changes the pickups sound, and you can't change stuff around as drastically.
I think I'll probably get one of these then...it seems to have brilliant online reviews

but can it take a boss style adaptor?
Yes, it can take a boss style adaptor. I have one and it's a nifty little pedal. A bit noisy if you use it with a daisy chain, but not really that much of a problem. Danelectro pedals are tougher than people give them credit for, too. It's quite sturdy
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Actually, it's made of plastic, so watch out.
The switch is a bit er..dodgy, so what out for that too during gigs or whatever.
^I haven't really had mine for long, so I can't really say, but I disagree with all the flimsiness everyone supposes. Yes, it's plastic, but it's extremely sturdy plastic, and as long as you don't crush your pedals with your foot to turn them on/off, I can't see anyone having problems with the switch.
hard to turn on and off, but it sounds like you'd just keep it on all the time, so it's pretty excelent. I compared it with the Boss and thought the Danelectro was better (other then it's not a stompbox, and plastic)
Quote by matt bickerton
I think I'll probably get one of these then...it seems to have brilliant online reviews

This is the pedal I just stopped short of recommending to you in the VJ thread. I haven't used it, but I must've read the same reviews you have. Seems like every Danelectro pedal sucks except the F & C.

There was a guy selling a bunch of Danelectro pedals on my local Craigs List. He had a picture of all of them, which included the Fish & Chips. In the ad he specifically said, "All for sale except the Fish & Chips." Says something about it? Maybe. And if you can afford a Fuzz Factory, a $30 EQ won't hurt you too bad even if it doesn't work.
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The Fish N' Chips pedal is supposedly great. I have a Dano. Fab Overdrive and Fab Chorus, and they haven't broken down on me or anything, so I'm guessing this pedal shouldn't either.

Weird name though...

Fish N' Chips - I guess the creaters were hungry when they made it.
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Actually, it's made of plastic, so watch out.
The switch is a bit er..dodgy, so what out for that too during gigs or whatever.

Are all new Danelectro's plastic? Cause I've got a Danelectro pedal from a few years ago, and it's totally metal, and it's pretty damn heavy too.
Buy it and take out the pcb and mount it inside your amp after the preamp. Just an idea. I don't know if you're into modding the VJ or not.
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Well it turns out I won't be able to get one of these pedals, who'd have thought they'd be so hard to find...

but I've found a Behringer EQ pedal which I will be able to get for very cheap, would that still do the trick?
I have the Behringer one and it works fine, it's a bit noisy, but so's the Boss model it's based on apparently. Behringer have the most idiotic battery cover system known to modern man, and obviously it's plastic so you can't go mental jumping up and down on it. Perfectly good for home use, and only about £12.
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