I want to teach History or English in A Levels. Would anyone know how long I'd spend time in Uni for that? Any links would be great. Would anyone know anything about the courses to?

Many thanks in advice.
Do English in Uni, then your teacher training for a year.

That way, you'll have a degree in English and the history of A level standard will be taught to you later.

Maybe master in History. It's so general though that having a knowledge of history won't necessarily help you teach the subject, wheras English will, and is a better degree to have.
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In America, it's 4 years for a bachelor's degree, then another two for a master's. The two for the master's can usually be done while teaching, if the shcool is nice enough to let you. You also have ot get certified. I don't know what it's like overseas, but that's how it rolls here.
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well itd be helpful to say what country your from, I know the Canadian system but no other country's system
Yeah, you'll only need a teaching degree to teach at the Further Education level. If you want to teach at University, I'm pretty sure you'll need a doctorate.
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If you want to teach at University, I'm pretty sure you'll need a doctorate.

not really. most lecturers in UK universitys have a degree and mayeb a masters but not that many have doctorates. i have a degree and im as qualified as some of my old lecturers. they should be made to have a doctorate but then there wouldnt be enough of them.