For some reason I really wanna get into the blues harmonica but I have no idea about anything harmonica-wise. Does anyone know some good companies and blues players to get me started?

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I got a harmonica a couple weeks ago. This is a good site to teach you a few licks. You have to pay to get lessons on this site, but this page has recommendations for harps. I personally got a Hohner Blues Harp for around $30, and while I'm obviously no expert, I think it's pretty solid.

Also, one thing that I didn't know before I got a harmonica is that you can only play a diatonic harmonica in certain keys. What I mean is that if you want to play blues in the key of G on a diatonic harmonica, you need a C tuned harmonica. This might be common knowledge, but I didn't know until after I got mine. There's chromatic harmonicas, which I assume you could play in any key, but they sound like they would be hard to play and I bet that they're expensive.
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yeah. Search Button brand make some realllly nice blues harps.
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