Ahh has baffled me for years
But it is a cake i read it today lol
Goes stale not manky like a biscuit sorry rich
Who gives a ****, Jaffa Cakes are lovely . Plus doesn't the Jaffa CAKE kind of answer the question for you?

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i remember readin somewhere that there is something about them that defines that as a bsicuit or a cake but i cant remember which, i think it is a cake though
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I don't know. try leaving it out of an air tight container for a day. If it is harder, it is a cake. If it is softer, it is a biscuit.
Cake, I like to eat the cakey part then the chocolate and leave the orangy bit till the end.
its in the damn name, jaffa cake
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FOR ****S SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna get this cleared once and for all.

It's a ****ING CAKE!!!!!! When you leave a cake out int he sun, it goes hard, when you leave a biscuit out in the sun it goes soft.

Jaffa Cakes go hard.


.....IT'S A CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!11OJKREJLBNHP4EIO2K2WZ0'P[

Some court HAD to figure it out for tax reasons