do you guys find him funny? i think hes halarious. i know alot of you guys dont..

soo opinions please
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I hate how if youre a minority, you get to be racist in any way you want. So I dont like him. He says beaner way too much and hes not even mexican or spanish
some of his stuff is funny, but most of it just annoys me.
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Let me put it this way...

If people were beans, Carlos Mencia would be the fart.
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i thought he was funny back in the day but then when i realized every one of his shows are exactly the same i think hes a dumbass
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He's retarted. He takes the same old stereotypes, and makes the same old jokes about them.
I likes his stand up the first couple of times I saw it, but now it just doesn't seem good. Mind of Mencia is just shit.
He repeats the same jokes hundreds of times, and they weren't even funny to begin with.

Basically, he is one of the worst comedians I have ever seen.
i like him in moderation
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Don't worry guys, he's just bitter because he has a small dick.

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ya i love him; a lot of his stuff is what im thinking but am afraid to say for fear of getting shot/shanked/pwned
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He's funny the first couple times you see him. Then you realize he just uses the same material over and over again, just slightly different. The whole show is based on racial stereotypes. How many times can you hear those without them getting boring?
he's a racist bastard

he isnt funny

hes annoying as shit

whenever he says a joke hes like, "what did I say?" as if everybody is yelling at him.

He thinks that he is changing the world for the better

he sucks
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He's retarted. He takes the same old stereotypes, and makes the same old jokes about them.

at least he can spell retarded
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He is a complete moron, and yet he gets paid for doing the same EXACT jokes over and over again.
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*standard carlos mencia joke*
1. make observation
2. make loud, clearly racist statement with a racial slur to attract attention.
3. yell really loud, half in spanish, half in english.

repeat X100000

(he's not funny)
What I don't like is how he makes fun of people like Larry the Cable guy with his Git er done line but his most famous catchline is De de de.
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If he'd kill himself I'd laugh, but other than that, no- he's not funny.
No. he first half of his career was "Whites suck, blacks have big penises, and mexicans have good work ethic" and the second half was "I don't care what you think of me LOL!".