When I play my high e the note fluctuates and rings so the pitch isn't steady. With distortion unless I bend or vibrato the note it makes horrendous ringing sound. Does any one know what could be wrong. I've tried lowering and raising the action and nothing happens. If any one can help me I'd appreciate it.
I had a similar problem when one of the pegs holding the saddle up collapsed and I had half of one up and half down. Could be a burr on your saddle or some sort of fret to string contact.
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I figured it could have been a string to fret problem but I raised the action really high it was worse, so wouldn't that mean it couldn't be that?
Same thing happening to me, I noticed a small break in the nut where the High E string sits, so I took it out and I'm off to buy a new one on Monday. If that doesn't do it I'll get a tech to look at it.