hey guys

i got and Epiphone SG lmt. and sometimes after I'll do a solo and finish it with a slide from say for example fret 20, so yeh from fret 20 on the e string i would slide to nothing as a finish for the solo and then when I'm not pressing or strumming anything the note on fret 20 would still be ringing..even though I've slid away from that fret to open.

It's kinda cool i don't mind it and it only happens every now and again..i guess its a fluke..but I just want to know why it happens..or is this a mystical phenomenon of the Axe!?

Maybe you're pulling off accidentally when you finish your slide. Another note: chill with the run-on sentences please. Re-reading your first paragraph (if it's worth being called that) three times filled me with rage.
Quote by the.spine.surfs
Sound very mystical. Almost drug-induced. Like your grammer.

You spelled grammAr incorrectly.
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