I have yet to name this, and its for my band... The main riff sounds a bit like Sweet Child O' Mine (And a local band's song Lost), and the rest i just went from there. A sort of slow song. Whether played with distortion or clean, i have yet to decide, but it is Distortion on the PTAB.

It is not done, i am just at the Chorus. The beginning the bass and drums would come in at the 5th measure, so its missing that obviously.

And just out of curiousity, it is in A Major isnt it?

Thanks for all comments
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Ok, the worst part is the intro - It's Dsus4 repeated over and over. Make the sus4 resolve to the maj3 or its just gunna piss peoples ears off. it should be something more like



Or something

It's probably in the Key of D

but it could be Em, depending on where you go with it,

EDIT: It is in D, and it would fit perfectly if you changed the Csus4 in the chorus to Cmaj


change that to

Yeah Dimebag is not the "Greatest Guitarist" of all time... Hendrix maybe... I must go get food to eat with my mouth

$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

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I think my ears are bleeding...start over or make it less hard to listen to...it just sounded like a mess to me

Thats harsh. It does need work but there is a good idea hidden in there i think. Just keep playing around with it. move stuff around add stuff take stuff away. mabey give it a rythm track.