I'm trying to learn bass and the instructional books and dvd I have arent showing me how to form chords, just how to play. Where could I find a chord diagrams or something?

Most bass players don't use chords.
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not sure, just search for one i guess on yahoo. the guy that plays in the band at my church is sweet at bass, he never just frets one note, he'll fret the chord but not play all the notes at the same time.
Ya just use the root note. If you see a chord that says A, then play the A note. Usually the lower the better.
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Bass chords are the same as guitar chords, although not many sound good played together. They are best played one note at a time, and let all the notes ring out. If you find good chords it can sound really good, better than on guitar in my opinion, although it needs to be done right or it sounds really muddy.
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Ok thanks guys. I just dont want to get into bad habits early on.
Just a side note.. if you're playing chords on bass, it often sounds good to leave out the lowest string, just because the pitch is so low it muddles up the sound that the rest of the strings are making.