Another thread made me think of this. I'm wondering how to do it in standard notation. I'm thinking like this...

Now this is for a 12th fret harmonic on the high E string. I put it as this, as the diamond indicates it should be a harmonic, and the 8va indicates it should be played an octave higher, which is exactly what that harmonic is.

Now this...

Would be the high E string, 5th/24th fret harmonic. It means a harmonic at that pitch, with the 15ma meaning two octaves above.

Are both these examples right? I know standard notation is flexible, but would this be a reasonable way to notate such things?
A books I have writes it using the triangle note head on the line/space of the pitch of the harmonic and a note over the note kinda like this:

You don't need the 8va, it's implied by the harmonic. That E space is the open E string so you would play the 12th fret harmonic for that. 8va would mean the 24th fret.
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Aha, that's what I initially thought, but wasn't sure. Thanks! So the diamond thing implies an octave higher, gotcha.