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The smoke-ring smut roll slid
down his ochre face,
delicately doling graceless grit
upon his cervical lips,
he spoke:-
Lyrical sex… low brow aesthete,
slowly failing o’er
faecal basalt breaths...


There's a light rain
that's leaving little dots
on my black shirt
I'm sitting on a
park bench that's
spotted with dirt
I'm looking at the
words that I
scratched into the paint
They're still clear
but the memories fade

Then I have a weird thought
How do good memories become so painful?
Is it because we miss the one's we had them with
or is it because we miss the moment?
Maybe it regret that makes me feel this way.

When I snap out of thought I'm drenched
Maybe I think to much
Incisive inklings of proper piss are unsuited for the quill…