my first guitar was a kramer. the ones that are made in asia arent too good. some of the american ones can be pretty nice though. try some out and see if you like them
The American Kramers up until the company went under in 1990 are some of the best guitars I've ever played in my life. They are a huge steal on Ebay for how they feel, sound, and the parts they're built from. In fact, out of my guitar collection of USA Jacksons, ESP Customs, Ibanez Prestige, etc. my 1986 USA Kramer Baretta is my favorite.

Now.....the overseas Korean models in the 80's and the "New Kramer" owned by Gibson...now that's a different story. Stay away from those (even though the USA New Kramer's are supposedly very good, though I haven't tried one).

If it says "Kramer American" on the headstock and has an Original Floyd Rose (and Duncan pickups, though they weren't marked with the brand name in the 80's) then you probably have the real thing, and in my opinion, nothing can beat it.

That's why Kramer was the best selling guitar company in the world (outsold Gibson and Fender combined) in 1985 and 1986. You got the best bang for your buck.

Hope this helps.