Hi, I haven't played much guitar in the past 2 years...I got stuck in a rut. Basically I thought I wasn't improving and last year I was incredibly busy so I didn't play at all. It was my final year of high school.

What is a good song I should start with? I have been playing the electric guitar for a few years, but have never been great at it. I like heavy metal and blues

I need something to help get my picking hand and playing hand co-ordinated properly again. I guess the best thing for that would be some exercises and scales, but I would like to try a song also.

Check out Speed Mechanics by Troy Stetina. It's a book that will whip you into shape quickly... if you practice faithfully.
You should start with "Since I've Been Lovin' You" - Led Zeppelin
Also "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" - Metallica.
Both are pretty easy and frikkin' awesome.
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