i'm not really good at guitar but i'm progressing slowly. My biggest problem is chords, and i just have a hard time playing them. I was wondering if there were any exercises that some other people had that helped them learn how to play chords.
I started out simple by switching from Em to A2. Give that a shot, then move on to something more difficult like C to Em.
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Can you expand a little, do you mean difficulty in changing from chord to chord or the fingering of chords.
Just take it slowly,pick one chord, make sure your fingers are in the right position, then try a different chord & when your comfortable with the fingering try slowly changing between them. Don't worry if it seems difficult at first, just keep practicing & you'll get it eventually.
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What I did was pick 2 or 3 chords. I then practiced them until I got a decent and clean sound. Once the sound was accomplished I began slowly transitting between the 3 chords. If you pick 3 chords you may want to transit between 2 chords and add the 3rd afterwards. That was my method, worked for me.
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And the hey joe chord progression, its pretty sweet
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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Is it necessary to learn the major chords? What am i going to use it for?
i was the same at first, but idk it really is fun to just jam out on chords and sing a random tune like "smokes cause impotence" etc, shit like that
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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Start off playing the easier of all the chords. And make it into an exercise so for example :

E minor - E7 - E Major - A Major - A minor - A7 - D7 - D minor - D Major.

And develop for the harder barre chords later. So instead of trying to barre all 6 strings, practise it with 3 strings and then 4 and progress to 6 where they all ring correctly.
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