Hey guys,

I've been on the acoustic guitar for six days now and finally I got my Alvarez RD20S and my Korg CA-30 tuner. However when I tuned it according to my Korg tuner, it doesn't sound anything like the few guitars I've heard or played on.

Right now the tuner is set at a default of "440 Hz", I'm thinking that might have something to do with it. It will tell show me on the VU meter that I've got a perfect E for example and then I'll play the E and it won't sound anything like the E's I've heard.

Anyone know what the problem might be?
Should I try a different Hz to tune it to, if so which one?

I give up. I f*cking give up. I spend 4 hours tuning a damn guitar when most of my buddies can do it in seconds. Then I realize nothing sounds right no matter how much I keep trying to tune it. Then the strings keep rattling and rattling so I tighten the strings and try some more tuning. Then, finally, when I actually start making some progress in how it sounds, the E string breaks before I can make it to E4. I don't get it but I'm pretty pissed off, guitars can just go f*ck themselves if they want to take all fricken day to tune they're not for me so f*ck it. I give up on this bs. I don't have the patience to spend a century tuning each string on the damn thing and I couldn't if my life depended on it. It will not tune and then when it starts to sound okay apparently the strings just break. I don't get this nonsense it's just stupid and pointless and I'm sick of all of the hassel. How the hell do people tune guitars in half a minute? It's impossible. I spend $289.00 on a damn guitar and it won't tune and then the damn string breaks and since there's no booklet with the guitar or extra strings I can't fix it and even if I knew how to fix it (and since I'm so damn stupid apparently) I wouldn't have the products neccisary to do so!! God if I can just have a bit of a WORSE day today this all sucks.

Edit: Oh I guess the string's not broken it got unwound from the chrome tuner.. still I have no idea how the hell to get it back in and even if I did I wouldn't be able to tune the untuneable mess if my life depended on it.
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hey man just calm down... step 1. love your guitar. shes your baby. especially if its a new one!
step 2. look around UG. or even just on the internet. theres lots of lessons and stuff about tuning your guitar because you're not the only one who has problems with it
step 3. with practice and a few string changes you can be just as good as your friends. if you're new to your guitar don't expect to be able to tune your guitar in under 5 minutes. it took me awhile to get the hang of things when i first started playing, just like everyone else. so TAKE YOUR TIME! your guitar will thank you for it!
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Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble. Electronic tuners are relatively simple to use. You simply pluck an open string and the display (a needle, an LCD simulated needle, or LED lights) will tell you whether the pitch of that note is lower, higher, or approximately equal to the desired pitch. If you're having trouble with that, perhaps something is wrong with the guitar (ie. maybe strings were wound incorrectly). If you're still having trouble, I'd suggest asking one of your buddies for help.

In regards to the broken string, you'll probably need to buy a new set of steel strings for your acoustic (they cost around $10 for a set). As crystalh has said, perform a search on Google (or on UG). There are plenty of guides out there on the net on restringing and tuning your guitar.

Good Luck!
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Remember EADGBe low to high....

My friend tuned on an electric tuner and had perfect notes on every string but just the wrong ones.
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Well it's possible he has either a defective guitar or tuner. I'd suggest having someone experienced check it out and A. Find out if it's working properly. Or B. Teach you how to do it properly.
Just hang in there and find the solution.
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Make sure your tuner is not showing any flat symbols - you could be tuning a half step or more down by mistake.

You've got to get your low E within a half step for the tuner to recognize it - otherwise you could be doing what someone else said and tuning to correct notes, but on the wrong strings, which would mean your guitar would sound unlike any other you've played before.

If you google you should be able to find a guitar tuning lesson that actually plays out the tones. Get your low E close from that and then your tuner should work fine... (and you know about 5th fret one string down sounds the same as the string you are tuning right? - except 2nd highest - that sounds same as 3rd string on the 4th fret...)

It's not that hard once you get that down. Keep at it.
Didn't he mention 4E ?

That'd be his problems.

Its 1E & 6E bro, not 4E

440hz is correct btw, its regular concert pitch.

I reckon your problem is because you have it set on Auto or Chromatic. Set it on "Manual", starting on E1 (the thinest string) and push the "Note" button to get to your 2nd string etc etc until you reach the final string E6

Hope this helps
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Hey guys, thank you for your advice and support. Sorry for sounding like a total spaz in my first message here, I've just been having a difficult weekend.

I'll try tuning it again as some of you suggested, but first I have to re-string my high E (or "first") string.

You guys said to search for guitar tuning guides, so far I've looked at 5+ guides but I haven't found anything going into detail about how to restring the string to the chrome tuner, not the bridge. A majority of the guides I've found focus soley on restringing the guitar on the bridge part, not the chrome tuner part.

The string didn't actually break as I thought at first, it must have had too much pressure or wasn't attached to the chrome tuner part and it came lose, now I have no idea how to get it back on (like I said above, all of the quality guides I've found tend to focus on the bridge end not the chrome tuner end of restringing.)

The worst part of all this is that I've got to know my nine basic chords by Monday and this happened Saturday night and I haven't got a way to practice now that my string came off. It's became a task of trying to find a decent guide focusing on putting the chrome tuner end of the string back on.
Argh, I can't do it. I can't get it. Do music shops that sell guitars and other instruments restring guitars, if so how much might it cost me?

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Yes, I don't know of a shop that doesn't. Take it in there and ask them for an estimate. It depends on the shop and if you buy new strings or not. It shouldn't be that much.