Hey, i just want to share my music and get your guys opinions. I am not so much a guitarist as a songwriter. I play all the guitar in all my songs and most of them are guitar based, but i am not an excellent guitarist by any means. I just think i know how to write a song or create an atmosphere.


click my music than hifi for whatever song so you can stream it.
fisrt i listened to Interstate Love Gong just cuz im obsessed with it.
The guitar is really off timing and the transitions are bad BUT oh my god your good at singing! keep that up man!

okay now im gonna listen to one of your originals

For Her:
I love the idea of it. Its kinda frustrating because its just not smooth. you know? I bet if you played through this song a lot itd get a lot 'tighter.'
the lead is great though - my favorite part by far actually
but yah just work on smoothing it out a little and get some variety in the drums. add like some bongos or something. thats what i think would make a cool atmosphere anyways for this song..

anyways if you could crit mine thatd be awesome