i just got a epiphone les paul standard and i already got a chip in the finish. its at the to side and towards the end of the body on the toggle switch side i can get pix tomorrow, whats would be a way to fix this, or restore it

its is missing a whole piece of paint
theres really notin u can do but its goin to get more as it gets older so its not sometin to cry about like i no its new trust me i would be like mad to but it also gives it character lol but all u could do is try and find paint that looks like it but thats kinda tacky
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its not really a big deal, and since its towards the end of ur guitar like u said its not gonna be noticeable if ur playing on stage or even for some of ur friends somwhere. and its not really that good of an idea to waste money or anything to get them repaired bc ur gonna get alot more theres no way around it really.
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