which string gauge is good for a heavier sound i have the gauge 10 13 17 26 36 46 2221 ernie ball on my strat and my high e broke in my face and ima buy a who new set . i play alot of a7x and metallica.. what gauge and company is the best??
that gauge should be fine for that type of music. I would suggest either Ernie Balls or D'Addarios. There's really no other way to avoid breaking strings than being more careful when doing bends on the higher frets.
I think a7x use .009s and I know Metallica does. But if you want it a bit heavier I'd say stick with the ernie ball 10s.

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i use dr hi beam 10's and there awesome really long life deep sound good for everything , ive also never broke one before and im a very aggressive player most of the time i pick really hard and strum but if ur lookin for heaveier go with 11's and i would look at dr's and d'darrio strings which are really good
but if u up ur gauge u might have to fix ur intonation but if ur only goin from 10's to 11's u will be fine any higher u will have to adjust intontation
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for a heavier sound, i highly reccomend
D'Addario Light Top Heavy Bottom
D'Addario Medium Top Heavy Bottom
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those are the regular ten guage.
it usually specifies if the low or top strings will be heavier than those of the average 10 guage set.
(like in the light/medium top heavy bottoms i reccomended you!)
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