I have a fretless bass with fret lines. Personally, I think they look cooler without the fret lines. When I become more accustomed to where my fingers are supposed to be placed, I hope to remove these fret lines. Is this possible? Would it be possible to sand the paint off or something without completely repainting the fretboard? I'm basically clueless at how to take this on, so any advice is welcome.
What kind of fingerboard do you have?

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Wow, I probably should have thought about that before posting. =P

It's a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard.
A lot of times, mass produced fretless basses have fingerboards that were slotted for frets and filled in with some kind of fret marker like wood or plastic - just like you'd do if you took a fretted bass and defretted it. Therefore, it'd be almost impossible to take sand them down, unless you sanded the fingerboard down almost to where it's glued to the neck.

You could, however, buy a new neck with an unlined fingerboard, or you could try to remove the fret markers and find ones that match the color of your fingerboard and put those in. It's a long shot, however. A new Warmoth neck (assuming you have a P or a J neck on your bass) would run you maybe $200, or somewhere around there.
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if they were in fret slots you could stain the fret markers the same colour as the fingerboard if you really felt like it
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