I would but I have dial-up, so I don't really listen to myspace songs because they buffer like every 2 seconds. If you could provide me with a .mp3 link then I could download it and give you some feedback...
(listening as i type): well its original to say the least, the ongoing guitar riff is ok though it gets a bit repetitive . dont really dig your style of singing but it goes well with the song. maybe some more bass or somethin? overall an ok little song, its got a catchy melody though imho its a bit too repetitive (thumbs up on the sound quality, really good)

if u want to my crit my ideas, look in my sig, i wont mind if u dont
while i listen:
wow! just wow!
this is really cool
o dude..why you have to go and sing like that. it was such a good song before that
other than the voice everything is great. actually if you just took it out itd be a great song.
i like the repitition - reminds me of cLOUDEAD if youve heard them

catchy song with good guitar riffs and.. beeping?
i dont know. just do something different witht the vocals I guess

crit mine if you get the chance
ide really apprectiate it
I like this a lot. Refreshingly different from most of the stuff on this forum.

Listened to your other stuff too, Face Meets Cement & Richard Rich are great. Good stuff. There's some Strokes influence in there somewhere. And I don't mind the vocals as much as the others above did, I think they kind of suit the style.

Good work.

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Repetition is something I use in most all of my songs. The basic formula is catchy melody/minimalism/repetition. Sorry if the guitar gets annoying.

haha yeah. The voice thing. For as many people I get saying they don't like it, I get just as many saying they do. So I don't think it's going to change.

I just started using this super-mario-beeping-shit. I think I'm gonna start using it more often though.

Thanks for the critisism, this is good.
'ey, thanks for the crit....
Eh, this song started off pretty boring, but got better. The vocals for some reason sound good, even though you sound like you're trying to cry and talk at the same time, it suits the song perfect ha, I actually have listened to it a few times. Very simple song and nicely done.
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