My good friend has been in the hospital since Friday night.

He's an alcoholic, which doesn't shock me, but the extent that he took it to last night amazes and sickens me: I walked in on him laying on his back in our friends bathroom, puking while on his back, choking. We rushed him to the hospital and they found traces of alcohol, cocaine, amonia (from listerine, turpentine, etc.)

His throat is closed up and there's a 30% chance he'll survive, and if he does, odds are he'll have to live in a nursing home.

And he's only 19 fucking years old.

I've done all I can do and I'm out of ideas, so I turn it over to you. If you'd like to pray for him, please do. I really don't what to feel at this point.
Poor advice.
I've had this rosary for a while now. I'll make sure to drop a few bead for him. I feel for you man, I had a similar situation occur not too long ago.
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Dude, I'm really sorry man, it must be harsh to be so close to loosing someone like that... I don't know what to say. I love you. *hug*
im not a religious man, so the most i can do is wish him the best recovery possible and i hope you feel better, man
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Ive been there, in the last 3 years 9 close friends of mine have died. All alcohol or drug related. One was an accident killing all five people in the car. its a horrible feeling. Im sorry man.
im sorry man.

One of my good friends got in a car accident tonight, and we thought she was seriously hurt, so I know how you feel.

Only I know your situation is much mre difficult.

From what I've seen of your posts, you're a good guy, and my prayers go to both you and him.
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dam. well hopefully it teaches some people drugs r bad and alcohol isnt always great
hope he gets better
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You have my sympathies.

J will be in my prayers.

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