Hey i need some advice/tips/help with the stated topics.

My friend has a Set with 5 toms but he dosnt know what to tune them to. Like is it supposed to be the 1 2 3 4 5 of a major scale or wat? an dif so, which key is good? etc.

And how much are drum mics? is it worht it if we wanna do decent but cheap home recordings? or should one dynamic singing mic be okay if its just for home recording for sampler CD's before we professionally record.

Any help with the topics, or any info/tips etc that are related are appreciated. Thanks
It's kinda hard to tune drums to certain note. Generally, the bigger ones are supposed to be lower in pitch, so beyond that, I'm not sure if it matters.

For drum mics, a vocal mic won't work. I think there was an article about mics a while ago hereon UG.