This is a song I wrote awhile back, and then forgot about it. I just found it tonight digging through some old files. It's about post-Waters Pink Floyd.

there's water in my ears
i hear as clearly as before
when the water dissapears
i dont want to hear anymore

diamonds shine in the night
there are only three of four
they claim they've shown the light
i dont want to listen anymore

oh, how it pierces the silence
thunder in a cloudless sky
oh, how you scream your sorrows
let us hear you cry

wordless voices, houses in the sky
The sun is taken by the moon
you've told a woman to die
i don't want it to end too soon

where's the water in my ears?
somethings not there, that was before
Your Majesty | All Lyrics/Melody/Piano/Guitar parts written by me. Please have a listen.
the whole songs like a metaphor. rad.
when im with you, there's nothing I wouldn't do, i just wanna be you're only one. im gasping out of straws, taken aback by what i saw that night before when we were all alone...
thats pretty cool, im not a big fan of the song idea, but i deffinetly like the metaphorical stand point of the song...if yo could, check out my song, Fall Back To You
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