Hiya. After listening to the Egyptian tribe level music from Lemmings 2: Tribes, I've figured out the main melody uses a double harmonic scale; I really like the sound. Can anyone please tell me if what I have so far is correct?

C Double Harmonic
1 b2 3 4 5 b6 7
C Db E F G Ab B

C Major
D Major
E Minor
F Minor
G Major diminished 5th
A sus2
B ...sus2sus4? (There's no fifth, just B, Db, and E)

I II iii iv ... ... ... (I don't know how to use the roman numeral system for anything other than major, minor and diminished)

Can anyone help please? I'm pretty sure at least what I do have is correct. I love this scale, and would like to use it later on.

Information on the double harmonic scales.

The notes are correct. I'm not sure about the chords, but it looks like they're good with the exception of the last two. The VI chord (A if the root is C) is augmented. The VII chord is listed as a II7 chord, so it looks like there is no "normal" triad for that part of the scale.
Awesome, thank you! *bookmarks site*

By checking out the notes, it seems the VII chord is just an inversion of the II chord... very interesting. VII7 is just an inversion of II7 as well. I'm not sure how I'd work with that... perhaps as a substitute for the II, if I want a different underlying root note. Man I love theory.