I've got an AVT 275(don't start all this take it back and get a full tube shit...i like it...lol) and sometimes when im sitting there with it on the overdrive channels it makes a constant buzzing noise when im not playing or not touching the strings...I'm pretty sure its my amp...can anyone tell me whats going on here and if theres a way to stop it..Thanks.
That's normal with single coil pickups.
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You can't, it's an AVT.

Edit: In all seriousness, it might be your cords, try move them around, are they in a coil?
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Ok, first there are several causes for the noise, and it is equally likely to be your guitar as it is your amp. But you do have to know one thing, noise cannot be totally eliminated, Trust me, i had teh same problem as you. I didnt like the overdrive "buzz" so i got a new amp. A Randall RH200, which is a great head... still buzzed, but not as bad. So i swaped my pickups out and got some lesser-know yet high-end pickups (GFS if you must know... and yes, they are as quiet as EMGs), I still get teh buzzz, not nearly as bad as it was though. So my sugestion is to fist come to terms with the fact that it will always buzz a little. Second, check the wiring of your guitar... if there is a broken ground wire fix it. Next, Think about upgrading your pickups to high-end, low noise pickups, GFS, EMG, Semore Duncan, Dean Markley... all great brands. If none of that the amp my have a bad ground, and if not that the outlet is grounded poorly. Any way you cut it, there is a bad ground. Good luck, i dont know if that helped too much, but good luck.
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nah the cords are straight...and im using humbuckers...so may it still be my pickups?

could be your house... honestly. you need a good, solid ground... i have the same problem at my house, but whenever i play elsewhere theres no hum. other option is your humbuckers could have pooped... not sure..