like pretty much everyone on here, ive replaced my squire strat and now want to customize it. all im doing is painting it. but im woried that its fibre bored and it will be trouble. so does any one know if the cheapest squire starter pack strats have fibre bored on them.
and also if i paint the scratch bored will it peel of

thanks for any help if i can think of anything elsei will past it here

edit: it is real wood but its poor quality...ive decided to do a dark side of the moon tribute on it. should i just paint it on top of the current paint and then paint a clear coat over the top or sand it all right back and do it from scratch?
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It's not fibreboard, it may be plywood though. Scrape some paint from the pickup cavity if you want to see.

If you do it right the paint won't peel of the pickguard, a new one of the proper colour will look better.
The cheapest squier packs actually have wooden guitars (OMG AMAZING!). It might be agathis.

I wouldn't recommend painting the pickguard...if you do, make sure you use many clear coats to get it to be smooth. One layer will quickly come off.
As dave293 mentioned above, it may be plywood, or as pointed out by sashki, Agathis. I'm aware of 2 Squier starter packs and the cheaper one here in the US is Agathis, while the slightly more expensive or less cheaper one is an Affinity, which is made of Alder.

If you decide to mod it, the experience alone will be valuable in helping you understand the mechanics of your guitar.

For straight refinishing how to, check out ReRanch 101 - Finishing Basics.

You can also go to Project Guitar Tutorials for refinishing and other stuff.

For painting the pickguard, make sure you use Rust-O-Leum's

Lastly, for inexpensive hardware and electronics upgrades, check out Guitar Fetish.

Good Luck and let us know how it goes.