Ok guys, heres the problem: My pinky and ring finger have a negative attraction! that is, when my pinky plays, my ring doesnt want to be used, and vice versa. I have been doing excersises using my fingers 2 3 4 and 1 3 4 economy picking, to practice my economy picking and ring finger. It's getting better, but still isn't very good. Any other suggestions to improve my ring and pinky fingers?
keep at it... play chromatic scales, then make up exercises that isolate your ring and pinky fingers. they'll come around eventually... how long have you been playing? couple years for me, and though my pinky is decent, i still have a little trouble pulling off to my ring finger, so i just practice that, specifically... hammer on/pull off for at least a minute, then as long as i can stand it after that.
I'm like this, although I have no problem with hammer ons/pull offs with fingers 1 and 2 on the frets behind, supporting them (like the position of a bend). I'm just trying to play slow with chromatics, to get them used to playing together. And also, while on the PC, I'll put my ring finger on the desk, and keep tapping the desk with my pinky, and vice -versa, to try to get them synchronised like my other fingers.