what are your favourite games to play at party?.......
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Guitar Hero.
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1. bottles - sit in circle everyone says number goes round in circle e.g 1 , 2 , 3 etc until someone reaches a multiple of 7 eg, 7,14,21 or a number with 7 in it eg 17 ,27 when one of these numbers are reached you say bottles and it is then reversed and you continue. when someone doesn't say bottle or stuffs up they drink & you restart at 0

2. slippery sam - get cards place one card on left one on right and the person guesses whether next card will be in between or outside the two if they get wrong drink.

3. word game - sit in circle first person starts by saying two words... such as "one day" next person continues by saying " one day (then adds two more words) i went" next might say "one day i went to the " doesn't have to make sense stuffer uperer drinks.

4. coins - everyone has three coins , you hide behind your back and take some out or put none out oin a closed fist. then everyone guesses what the total amount they think all up in every hand is. loser is the last person out when you guess the amount in there you are out.

5. red black / head tail - simply flip a coin to decide or flip a card and say wether red black..

i know fair few more but hard to explain, some ok sites on the internet to find games as well..

one more thats isn't really a game is power hour you sit for 60 minutes and take 1 shot of beer every minute... you think its easy but it is a fair wack of beer, if your using beer and 60 is easy step up to 100 or use spirits, never use alcohol over like 6% or you will be dead in first half hour lol, andf really expensive.

good luck
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Guitar Hero.

sorry to post again right away, but does your group of friends also have these parties where you do nothing but play guitar hero for hours? im glad im not alone.
Soldiers. Works best with several people.

1st round: Go around clockwise. Each person guesses- red or black?
Right: Give 1 drink
Wrong: Take 1 drink
2nd round: Higher or lower?
Right: Give 2 drinks
Wrong: Take 2 drinks
Match of prev. card: Choose one person- they must drink whenever you drink the rest of the game (Ex: I choose person C. Either someone gives me a drink, or I earn it. Person C must drink as many as me)
3rd round: In between or outside?
Right: Give 3 drinks
Wrong: Take 3 drinks
Match of any prev. card: Choose one person- they must drink whenever you drink the rest of the game
4th round: What suit?
Right: Give 4 drinks
Wrong: Take 4 drinks
Match of any prev. card: Choose one person- they must drink whenever you drink the rest of the game
Next: Set up cards like this:

T1 T2 T3 T4
------------------------G2 T4 G6 T8
G1 G2 G3 G4

T= Take
G= Give
If you have the card, you do the action. (Ex: T1 is Ace. If you have an ace, you take 1 drink.)

Seems complicated, I know. I thought so, too. But it's totally freakin' worth it. Play with beer. It won't end as badly. You can count by either: A) 4 seconds drinking, or 2) Drink 4 different swigs. I'm a fast drinker, so I end up getting hammered on this game. You can also create a punishment for someone leaving the game early. Be creative, but not too harsh. And if they puke, make sure they're done, then make them take their drinks. Hehe. Enjoy.
Parties here are generally too big to play games..Everyone does their own thing, generally 'socialising' with a girl of choice.

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