Phyrgian Dominant!
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minor pentatonic in key of d, first shape
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At the moment, it's the double harmonic scale. I love it. Nice Egyptiany sounding stuff.
B Blues or A Harmonic Minor.

You know you can play a John Petrucci or Paul Gilbert solo to someone and they may shrug, but as soon as they hear a few simple licks from those scales they grin like a Cheshire cat.
Either Phrgian dominant, or Dorian.
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Aah, good old pentatonics. Or phrygian. Don't really know how to use harmonic minor yet.
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Aeolian and blues.

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Don't really know how to use harmonic minor yet.
There are a lot of ways to use it, but one of the common ways is to use the V7 chord in a minor key. Normally, a minor progression would go something like Am G F Em. That is completely within the standard A minor scale. Now, change the Em (the five chord) to E7 and play Am G F E7. Use A Aeolian over the first three chords and A harmonic minor over E7. It will sound very Spanishy.
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Melodic minor and Lydian tickle me.

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The whole tone will just ram new ideas into your head.
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I am a huge fan of the blues. And on occasion, the good old major scale. Just so simple and delightful.
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