Alright, I'm still fairly new to bass, but i've played guitar for years so I picked up on it rather quickly(not that i'm gloating, or that you care). Anyway, I find myself on the never ending search for the perfect sound. I play mostly Metal, in the variety of Thrash/Speed and Death Metal, and a dash of 80's Rock/Hair Metal thrown in there. So, basically i'm looking for advice on anything that might be complimentary to those types of sound. I'm working on a budget where 400 dollars is probably the ceiling. Also, I'd like to get something that could last a little while, so I can save up and get something that's more perminant.

I've been doing a little homework and have been looking at a Crate B-150 Head, and a Crate B-200XL. Yes I know they're made by Crate, but they're also easier on the wallet. All I'm really looking for here is something that can last me for a little while, and handle practice, and smaller shows. I really don't want to go the combo route, but it's still an option.

So, if I didn't loose you, any advice or help is appreciated, thanks.
You're best bet is probably to look into a rocktron.......
Randy Rhoads & Dimebag
I think you should check musiciansfriend.com

There are some good deals on GK...I think a half stack for $350.
A Fender Rumble could fill in,too IMO. Here comes your personal prefernce and what sound you're looking for. An Ashdown is also good choice.