Ok last year i went down to my local markets and saw this guitar with a locking trem sitting there for 70 bucks with a case.. of course the guy who was selling it had no clue and said it was a beginners guitar. In my experience beginners shouldnt use locking trems and such. But basicly i picked this thing up had a bit of a play and thought... definately needs work but im not gonna say no for 70 bucks. I took it home and polished it up... sure the guitar looks like trash now but im happy with that look. What i got lost on is i was missing a bolt thing for the neck locking nut so i ring around and theyre like what is it and im like.. well it says fender on it and everyones like noooo fender dont make them your wrong!! But it definately says fender, i have a quick look around the net and i cant find anything like it. Could someone please tell me what the hell this is?




photos wouldnt shrink down to size size but hey you should be able to get the idea
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wierd, probably something from the eighties, fender did a load of wierd stuff back then. Check out fender on wikipedia, they have a list of like every model ever produced, check it out.

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some fat strats come with floyd roses. floyd rose has had deals with fender for quite a while and fender may have been rebranding floyd roses for a period of time.
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havent you got any pictures of the entire guitar? im intrigued
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This is a home made job i think so its not any specific brand and stuff, im just wandering after the bridge its really confusing me ive never seen a floyd rose like it and thats what it has to be coz fender hasnt used anything else aparently. i sized all these images down coz my phone takes pictures at 1600X1200 or something ridiculous like that. these arent pictures of the neck... but i mean the headstock doesnt fit any brands but it does fit the same design as a guitar you can build yourself in a book i have, like its a guitar making book and this guitar matches it except its hsh not ssh



its definately not new, the bridge and the guitar
I've seen some with strats with that bridge, best to bring it to a shop, and preferably a 40 year old dude who knows, not some 17 year old part time kid.
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It looks like an imitation kahler or what have you.
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My Gear:
-Epiphone Les Paul Standard plus -honeyburst with Duncan Jb/59
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Yeah i'll probably take it into billy hyde at some stage.. did kahler ever supply fender?
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Yeah i'll probably take it into billy hyde at some stage.. did kahler ever supply fender?

Cool, you're Australian too then. If you're in Sydney, bring that guitar round to my place and jam sometime.

What markets were you at to find a $70 guitar? I'm so going there next weekend.
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haha you know where north rocks is? well across the road from north rocks westfields at the deaf and blind school they have markets there every sunday.