looks like one. i also see a polychorus, a boss dd-? delay, he's probably standing on a tu-2, and that's all i can make out. molko's usual rig is listed here:

looks like an EH POG.
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Awesome, thanks guys.

In your opinion, is that polychorus a good pedal? I'm just trying to expand my horizons with effects and such, and who better to go off by then a guy who makes some cool sounds... i think.
i think there are better choruses--both in sound and for the money. for the same price, you could get a vintage Boss DC-2 or DC-3 or, if you need/want the vibrato too, you could get a Deluxe Memory Man for close to the same price as well. don't get me wrong, the Polychorus is the chorus that defined an entire genre (grunge), but it's just not for me.