I have a little question here if someone could help me. Lately I'm kind of taking a liking to metalcore music and a lot of those bands have songs that reference bleeding and sound really emo-like to me. Would any of you consider bands like it dies today, bullet for my valentine, atreyu, etc. as "emo" or is that a totally different thing. Is fashioncore music and emo the same thing?
you've made this whole thing emo buy putting the word core at the end of things......theres only one catagory for bands wiht the word core in their genre S**t
90s emo is different from today's emo in that its not fashioncore. Just about anything trendy or white belt related, I classify as fashioncore. I would definitely consider Atreyu and Bullet for My Valentine emo, even if they are playing "metalcore" or are part of the fashioncore scene, because they appeal to emo kids. And anything that appeals to emo kids usually (but I guess not always) sucks.
My favourite band (Nirvana) appeals to emo kids. But they can all go die
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who cares what genre they are...if you like em you like em...thats if your worried what ppl will think different of you...if not then im not really sure..personally id classify them as metal"core" if you will...
lolcano@this thread.

All of those bands mentioned are really watered down shitty metalcore, nothing else.
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1. No, they're not emo

2. Fashioncore? Please, not again...

3. lolcano

4. *Closed*
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