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Copse and the Stream

Devious duck, you know exactly what to say and see
Nightingale, you dare dream of a better time and place
Glastonbury folk, you know how to live and what to be
Kings among men, you know how to hide a recognizable face

Fleeing Frenchmen, you know what to do when the tables turn
Chaucer’s paupers, you know how to write like the legend himself
Egyptian pharaoh, you know what it takes to make them learn
Victorious warlord, you know what to do when they plead for help

And the day breaks and the snake slithers into the field
Between the copse and the silver stream


You came in on Tuesday
with less hair than I remember you having,
and I wondered where it had gone.
I didn't ask, because it's a stupid thing to ask.
Then again-
who says it's a stupid thing?

It could be on the floor of the hairdressers,
socialising with others hairs.
Or maybe it was swept up, and dumped,
thrown out with the rubbish.
You might have hidden it somewhere,
under your bed, in a bag
or perhaps you stuffed a pillow, a cushion even?

I could go and ask your hairdresser-
except I would have to ask you who she is,
so I don't think I will.
I might search your house the next time I'm round,
poke about the place, look closely in
all the nooks and crannies.


She came in a week later,
with much less than before,
and there I was, lying down,
on the hairdressers floor.
I really dunno what to say, both of these started in the same way and it doesn't get impressive until the mid where you actually see something unfolding.

My vote's with the red, it kinda gets the composure back much quicker than blue after a slow start.
Wanna feel divine? Light candles around a dark and abondoned room, then play your guitar.