Hi everyone, i know this forum says 'no amps allowed'. I dont mean to piss anyone off, its just that i asked this in the gear forum and recieved no response. Since my query is directed at acoustic players i hope you may be able to help me.
A friend of mine is offering to sell me an amp of his (marshall AS100D for acoustic). Despite only having been used once, the amp is still second hand and so has no warranty. Im looking for any reviews people might have of their experience with this amp, and what purpose it is best used for (recording?, gigs?, playing at home?, all of these?) My friend has not yet named a price, but considering it is second hand, what do you think it is worth? (in australian dollars) Like i said; only been used once, and hence is in perfect condition.
cheers everybody
It retails for $1400 but appears to go for around $1100 (All in Aussie dollars. http://www.guitar.com.au/amplifiers/acoustic/marshall/)

For that price it would probably be pretty good.
Have you played on it? Test it out first, see if it sounds decent to you.
Find out a price for it. If it is cheap (seeing as it is pretty much brand new) just buy it IMO. An acoustic amp for that price should do decently. And if you can get it cheaply and then figure out that you don't like it later on, then just sell it on eBay or something.
if ur asking that kind of question u shouldn't be spending so much money on a amp get a cole clark gutiar or somefin don't worry so mucn on the amp