Hey, I heard "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix the first time last week, and since then I've listened a few times and can't get over how it seems so short and cuts off while Jimi's still noodling. Does anyone know if there are any longer studio cuts of it released, or the story behind it? If not, what are some good live versions?
I dont know i dont have all the Jimi Hendrix albums/live albums, perhaps check out some JH bootlegs for interesting versions of little wing?
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I have a second version of Little Wing on the album South Saturn Delta.

I'll admit I haven't listened to it for a long time, now, but if my memory serves right it was a longer version of the song (though I may be wrong).
Little Wing by Hendrix is pretty short. If you want an extended version listen to Stevie Ray's Version. It's almost 10 minutes long.
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I have atleast 5 recordings of Jimi Hendrix playing Little Wing, they're all different but they're all pretty short, the longest might be like 4 minutes. SRV has two that I know of, a 6 minute instrumental one and a 8 or 9 minute one where he sings.
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Okay, I just check my South Saturn Delta.

It is a 2:44 version, opposed to the 2:28 version from Axis: Bold as Love.

However, I now remember the difference between the two versions... the version from South Saturn Delta is an instrumental, which is actually, musically, the same as Angel.
Well, check out Little Wing live at Royal Albert Hall, I have it on a bootleg somewhere. But it's basically Little Wing with the end part and a bit of improvisation and wah. Nice stuff
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