I recently bought the Morley Power Wah as i needed a Wah Pedal and i had read some good reviews on it. It all good when i have my amp on clean. Decent wah - sounds great. but when i turn the channel to distortion/overdrive , a loud humming noise comes from the pedal...

(not actually from the pedal but it is produced from the pedals sound.....if you know what i mean)

Does anyone know WHY it does this......is it a fault? or is it the same with all of em?
Surely Morley would of noticed this before they released the product.

I am yet to try it with my Boss MT-2 or My Hughes and Kettener Warp Factor pedals because i only have 2 leads at the momemt....(i should be getting some patch cables soon)........i am hoping it might not hum if i use the pedals with it but i bet it will.

My set-up with the Wah is.

Ibanez DT-200 ---> Morley Power Wah----->Marshall MG100DFX

are you running it with a 9v adapter? My bad horsie does a similar thing unless i use a battery, or a morley adapter.
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Well.....i first tried it with a 9V AV adaptor...is isn't the official morley one they ask you to use but it's a decent one, and it did it then....and then after finally figuring out how to open the battery compartment ....i put in a 9v battery but it still...it hummed.
Hm. Mine only hums with a non-morley 9v adaptor. However it could be your amp, and not the pedal
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Well i read one review about it humming but it was only one review so i guessed it was a fault in theirs...but im not sure.....

I'll try it with a decent battery next time i get some. Thanks for your response.

If anyone else has an ideas please post them up.
mine only hums when the toe is down, but that's not too unusual.
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