Go to Their MySpace and listen to 'You've Got Hopes'. It's pretty ace. On a scale of 1-10, it's probably about an 8.

The intro's a bit 'They Will Call Us Savages', and the track itself is sort of slow and windy, nice and relaxing but then it gets loud 'Slow Song' style.
Excellent to know, they're playing Exeter in early Feb, was gonna go catch em anyway but this makes it a certainty

No worries. Unfortunately they cancelled their Newport date (I'm sure they said they preferred playing Cardiff when they were here last... hmmm...) and I can't be bothered to go to Bristol really. I've seen them 3 times before now so I'll give this tour a miss. But I love this song very much.
You've Got Hopes is good song but not as good as any of the songs from Neon Handshake.

Don't get me wrong though, I've heard a couple of other new songs and it's sounding good. I'm looking forward to the album. Into The Blood is an ace song.

Going to the Manc gig in a couple of days! Can't wait
just thought id bump this seems as the new albums out (who knew?). listening to it through and the first two tracks are good. seeing them tomorrow. pretty excited.
I've listened to the new album about 10 times since it came out last week. I think it's great. 'My Protector' is amazing. So's 'Only The Ridiculous Will Survive' and 'Into The Blood'. Infact they're all good
ok. i just saw them in cardiff barfly. honestly, i have to say its right up there as one of the best gigs ive ever been to. was right at the front, i got the setlist as well, so here it is:

to die for
only the ridiculous will survive
one of us
youve got hopes
my protector
models for the programme
discos and casinos
once and for all
into the blood
encore (haha):
the entire first cd!
(i.e. ------>
five kids go
out of sight
night vision
cut down
few against many
three of clubs
i can climb mountains
you drove me to it
slow song
sick happy

what a ****ing show. some good support as well.
Woah! The whole of TNH?!?! Now that sounds like one hell of an amazing gig. I wish I was there
yeah it was one of those nights where everything kind of came together, the venue, the crowd, the band, the supports, the atmosphere. just a really good night. they went off half way through kamichi and came back on to play the 2nd half (the palm muted bit), then justin goes "right, how about some old songs?", and they just rattled through the lot.

i think im one of the few people who likes the new cd, i read a review in rock sound in town earlier and they didnt rate it highly. only a 6 or something.
I've forgotten about this band! They still on their own captains of industry label?
Amazing band live as well.
^ i dont think captains of industry was their own label, but something they were a big part of. theyre on golf now, anyway, after a brief spell with burning heart for the transmit disrupt re-release. i think.
i think they're unsigned and just used golf to distribute the album. hifh recorded the album themselves (well, will did)
yes!! they're planning a tour for oct/nov!

the new tour dates will probably be up on their website at some point over the next few days but i already know that they're coming to academy 3 in manchester on 28th oct.

i hope they do a neon handshake encore cos we missed out on those other gigs