i want to learn to play metal solos better, which scales do you guys think i should use?, suggestions please
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yngwie uses a lot of blues minor (not that i like the guy in any way, shape or form)

try just learning minor pentatonic scales first so u can start making phrases and licks, or do harmonic minor if u think u have the patience to memorize all those notes across the fretboard.
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i mix minor ,blues and minor pentatonic scale...and get some sick stuff
yeh btw can anyone give me a link to 5 shapes of harmonic minor so i can learn it? thanks
Easily the harmonic minor or anything with an added flattened 5th,

Modes are sweet for metal, think Rust Piece by Megadeth, Marty Freidman used many exotic scales and modes,

recomended are the Phyrgian, Locrian (truely is evil) and even the Dorian for those bluesier moments.
Lyrics, Wasted Time between solos!!

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Phyrgian and locrian are both superb metal scales, i can't get enough of them. Or just use harmonic minors. But either way, brush up on some modes because they can make all the difference to solos
Alot of metal guys will use Harmonic Minor. I would say not to ONLY use that though. Minor Penatonics are a must as well. If you notice how all of those crazy shredders have their hands moving all over the fret board, that is because they are mixing 124958612340 scales together. Dont be afraid to switch from one scale to a totally different set of scales or modes and what not. Its not quite a questionof which scales you should use. Its more of a question of what sounds good. Load up on theory. The more of that you know and the faster you are at coming up with things improved that sound good together, then you should be set. Also, you need to know what the other things you are playing over are doing. Say we are playing something together (rythm and lead) then you should know what key the other guyisin when soloing over it or it will sound like a train wreck. Say hes playing a power cord progression, then you should know what notes those are and try to stick within those boundries.

practice doesnt hurt either
if you want that neoclassical sound try harmonic minor or Phyrgian Dominant, which is the 5th mode of harmonic minor

and also try a Locrian #6 mode, which is the second mode of harmonic minor and has a great metal sound
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It's not about what scales you use, it's about how you use them. I can tell you're a beginner, and thats okay, but you can make any scale sound "metal". Learning a set of notes, or worse yet, patterns on a fretboard (which is probably what you'll end up doing), will not suddenly make your metal solos better.
okej, thanks for all the replies everybody,
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Samick 80 watts amp (Doesn't sound good though)
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